Friday, January 30, 2009

Crown Coffee

Crown Coffee isn't just another coffee brand. They micro-roast every batch by hand from the best coffee beans and, all their coffee is organic. But Crown is more than a great organic micro-roast . They give 15% of their gross sales to non-profit organizations that they are partnered with.

The best part is that you the customer get to decide where that money goes by selecting the non-profit you want to support upon checkout and know that with each savory sip you will be supporting the cause you love.

The organizations supported by Crown Coffee are; American Sleep Apnea Association , American Red Cross-Pikes Peak, Point Loma Nazarene University, and Watersource Ministries.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deb & ML's Auctions

Deb and ML are two friends who are also cat lovers. Through their bloggong and their participation in the Cat Blogosphere, a community of cat bloggers who share their information and cat news from around the world, they came to know many cats and kittens that were fighting ilness or injuries and who's owners could not afford their growing Vet bills. So they started a auction blog to raise funds to help them. All items that are auctioned are donated by cat lovers that either blog themselves or just enjoy reading the cat blogs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Joe Corbi's

Established in 1983, Joe Corbi's has created some of the most creative, unique and delicious food products in the country!

Their online store was created for consumers to purchase product to support their favorite organization year round. This is also a great tool so that distant friends and relatives can also help support fundraisers when they are out of state.

Your online purchase will send $4.00 PER ITEM PURCHASED to the organization of your choice. When you create your unique user account you will be prompted to add an organization to benefit. If you are interested in holding a Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser at your local school, chuch or other organization visit

Friday, January 23, 2009

Honor Grounds

With every Honor Grounds purchase you help support your local military family assistance program while paying tribute to those who have served, and those who continue to serve, this great country.

The Honor Grounds Coffee Program and The Patriot Fund was conceptualized in 2007 and came to market in 2008. The program is presently operating in the State of Maine, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut.
The Patriot Fund has been specifically established to collect then distribute the monies garnered from the sale of Honor Grounds Coffee back to the individual states.
The Patriot Fund has one single purpose, to make monetary contributions to various organizations that support military members and their families. These organizations will be receiving donations generated from their local state for supporting our mission, to Help Military Members and Their Families "One Cup At A Time".
Honor Grounds is produced with only 100% Arabicas and are available in three blends:

The following was copied from Florida Department of Veterans' Affairs January 2009 news letter;

"TALLAHASSEE -- Honor Grounds Coffee has donated $3,480 to the Florida Veterans Foundation to assist with Veterans’ outreach in Florida."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009



InventionHome is a company providing a broad range of quality services to individual inventors, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Their team includes an energetic staff consisting of many years of experience, and dedication to service and success. InventionHome comprises over ten years of experience in developing their own products. Their winning formula consists of taking a single idea and turning it into an entire product line worth millions of dollars. This successful approach results in helping other inventors develop, pursue and implement their ideas.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anamigo is dedicated to giving our pets their own place online.

By design, this site is only as immersive as you want it to be. Relax during a short break from the day-to-day and browse the cutest dog, puppy, kitten and cat pictures from pet people just like you. Create your pet's profile and upload as many photos as you like. Or dig in and participate in their forums, blogs and groups. is a place where you choose how engaged you want to be - and their aim is to make sure you're rewarded for every moment you spend there.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Forty Paws Ham-Micks

Forty Paws Ham-Micks are elevated cat beds that all cats are sure to love. They can be ordered either with plastic feet, so they will slide across the floor when a kitty jumps into them, or with rubber feet to help them keep their place.

The plastic footed beds are sold two for $30, and the rubber footed are two for $32. All beds come with a guarantee. If at least one cat in your household does not use them they can be returned for a full refund.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digi Wizards

Digi Wizards was started when its owner was surfing photo restoration sites and found a place that was charging $25 to load a picture into their photo editing program and click instant fix.
Appalled that sites were charging such ridiculous prices he decided to launch a site of his own with affordable prices that reflect the actual amount of work involved.
All work is e-mail based. A customer sends a picture to Digi Wizards with a explanation of what they want done, then when the work is complete they are sent a small copy of the image for approval. After payment is received a full size copy of the image is sent to the customer. Customers can also order a CD with the image or images sent to their home.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bizzy For Gizzy Quilts

In 2007 Gizzy got sick and his owner needed money to be able to take care of his Vet bills.

Being a avid quilter and a cat blogger she asked her readers if anyone would be interested in buying a quilt for their cat.

The answer was most emphatically, "Yes."

By the end of the first day she had 15 orders, and by the end of the first week that total had climbed to 30.

Cat bloggers said she would be "Bizzy for Gizzy" and named the quilts "Gizzy Quilts."

At the end of the first year she had already made and shipped over 150 quilts. She had expected to make maybe 5, and dreamed of making 10.

Gizzy Quilts are 2 foot square and can be requested in your cats favorite colors, or colored to match your cat.

Cost per quilt is $45 plus $5 priority shipping and a $2.50 handling fee.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Canthro's Bulletin Board

Canthro's Bulletin Board is an advertisement blog consisting of posts and links to a wide variety of companies and organizations. Each post gives background information on the company and is accompanied by a link in our side bar. For more information email Canthro.