Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bizzy For Gizzy Quilts

In 2007 Gizzy got sick and his owner needed money to be able to take care of his Vet bills.

Being a avid quilter and a cat blogger she asked her readers if anyone would be interested in buying a quilt for their cat.

The answer was most emphatically, "Yes."

By the end of the first day she had 15 orders, and by the end of the first week that total had climbed to 30.

Cat bloggers said she would be "Bizzy for Gizzy" and named the quilts "Gizzy Quilts."

At the end of the first year she had already made and shipped over 150 quilts. She had expected to make maybe 5, and dreamed of making 10.

Gizzy Quilts are 2 foot square and can be requested in your cats favorite colors, or colored to match your cat.

Cost per quilt is $45 plus $5 priority shipping and a $2.50 handling fee.

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