Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Blogged.com is about discovering what the best bloggers are blogging about right now, and about finding the blogs that will interest you the most. Blogged is updated throughout the day to bring you the latest and most interesting posts from an index of more than one million blogs.

The blogs in their database are reviewed, rated, and categorized by editors, so you won't experience the frustration of filtering through blogs that are spam, outdated, or irrelevant. You'll be able to find quality blogs that you would be unlikely to have found through a traditional blog search. They also offer time-based searching, bookmarking, sharing, and feedback functions. Anyone can review and rate a blog and help it rise in the rankings.

For blog authors Blogged can provide fresh insight into how their site is perceived. With easy access to reader comments and ratings, authors can see opinions, suggestions, praises and criticisms. By being listed on Blogged, authors may increase the number of visitors to their blogs.

The Blogged.com headquarters is in Southern California. If you have any questions, you can contact them at support@blogged.com.

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